LUKOWA Food AG is an international trade company based in Lucerne, Switzerland. Since the establishment of the company, we have been expanding our business offer and now we have become one of the outstanding market partners in the food industry. As a comprehensive supplier, we can guarantee the following key advantages to our highly appreciated clients:

  • many years of experience and connection between production and sales markets
  • a reliable network of suppliers with state-of-the-art equipment in production and logistics
  • first-class products from the ecologically clean area
  • just-in-time delivery, including handling all the export-import administrative formalities
  • full certification in accordance with IFS and HACCP quality standards
  • high ecological standards of production maintained
  • fairness in business and adherence to ethical standards

Straight from the country of origin into the entire Europe

The latest technology and first-class quality
Serbia is our most important production region, ideal for growing berries as well as various other fruit and vegetables. Since it is best to process fruit and vegetables where they are grown in order to preserve quality and freshness, we founded LUKOWA d.o.o. in Belgrade (Serbia) in 2012 with three productions sites in towns of Ĺ abac, Draginac and Belanovica. Our company in Serbia possesses state-of-the-art equipment for processing and freezing fruit and vegetables, with total capacity of 9,500 tons. This advantage positions us among Top 3 companies in this industry in Serbia.
Our offer includes:








Sour cherries


Forest fruit




Black and red currants




Our company is mainly oriented to export to the EU, but we also export to other continents and we are present at the global market. Majority of production is for the frozen fruit industry - industrial and for commercial packaging brands - retail.

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